The Beginning (Solo)

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The Beginning (Solo)

Post by Youkai on Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:12 pm

Waking up to the sound of his cell-phone going off on the nightstand next to him grumbling all the while about not getting any sleep. A man stood up of the bed he was resting on allowing the glow of the moonlight to shine in and illuminate him. He looked to be about sixteen years of age, with shoulder length semi dark red hair and sea green eyes, and also standing at five foot seven. He was also wearing a sleeveless dark green, nearly black shirt with some bandages on both arms. The bandages on his left arm starts from his shoulder and disappears into one of the black fingerless gloves he is wearing. The bandages on his right only going from his elbow down other glove. He was also wearing black jeans of which the bottom parts of his pants disappeared into dark green nearly black boots. On the small of his back there seem to be a guard-less sword. Picking up his cell-phone not even bother to see who called knowing not many had his number.

"Hello wh...(yawns) who is calling?" The young man finished asking in a sleepy voice after covering his mouth from yawning. Not really caring who was on the other line, more interest on going back to sleep. The reply not only caught him off-guard but also made him tense.

"That's was most impressive on how you assassinated those fools. But was it wise to do so during a major world-wide confreres...heheh...after all you never will know who could be watching...heheh" That amused chuckle was all the mysteries man needed to know to cause him to rush to the window. As he looked outside, there out in front of the small cabin that also acted as a rest stop for passerby stood three people seemly to be hunched over surrounded by darkness, absently noting that some clouds were covering the moon not giving anything away to identified them. Berating himself for ignoring his own instinct just for some more sleep cautiously opened the window knowing that there was no point in running away. Jumping out of the second floor window the mysteries stranger didn't have time to speak as one of the people covered by the shadow dashed forward.

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